Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quake of the Cans

A bunch of really talented people got together recently for the QUAKE OF THE CANS paint-in - a mega graffiti jam session - and turned this big ol' grey wall into something I cannot even describe. If you want to check this thing out, it's on Douglas Street, Victoria B.C. at the fifty fifty art gallery.

As my bus goes right past this wall every day, and I may or may not know some of the people who painted at this thing, AND I love a good photo op, of course I had to stop by and take some photos. Unfortunately I had to work while this was going on...

(photo stolen from my pal Cody's facebook page)

But I did manage to stop by the next day while the scaffolding was still in place, and snap like a hundred photos of the finished product.

Big grey wall before... (taken from the bus window as I was going by)

...and after!

I took ninety something more pics that day, you can probably expect to see them all soon.

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