Saturday, October 15, 2011



I have a little gang of internet super friends (ISFs) and mother fuckin' @_coreygirl_ just sent me like a billion candies and a book too! My favorite things! Also? Postcards and a head massager that looks like it might get caught in my hair, if I know me. Which I do.

Some of these candies are very mysterious and I'm a little scared of them. Double Decker? Salty licorice? Random candy from  the Arabian veggie market that was probably in Eckel's jacket pocket for three weeks? Mysterious German candy?

Sure, whatever. I'll eat the crap out of that candy. And Corey gave me written permission to not share any of it with anybody, and I may just exercise that right.

Here are pictures of my amazing haul. I feel like I just went trick or treating. In case you're wondering, I took them out to the front of our house because indoors was too dark. DAMN YOU, WINTER EVENING LIGHTING!

Thank you Corey! I haven't read this book yet, so that's an extra mega cool treat! :)

Want to get to know this cool lady? Okay, click here to see her twitter, and here to see her blog!

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