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I recently finished The Poisonwood Bible - it took me probably a hundred pages to even get into this book but once I got past the crazy bible references and nutso dad it was really interesting! It's basically the story of missionaries sent into the Congo, as told by the children and wife of a preacher.

I don't really say I like a book until something sticks with me and makes me feel. In this book it was when the youngest daughter was playing with a Congolese boy, and he told her she should not say the word "snake" after dark because if a snake heard it, he would think they were calling it. So instead they should use the word "string". So for the rest of the book whenever the little girl is talking about snakes she calls them strings. I just love it, it's so cute.

I have also just finished Just Kids, the Patti Smith book.  Wow. I mean...I don't even know how to describe this book, it's so interesting! It's about her and Robert Mapplethorpe while they were in their late teens to mid-twenties, living in New York in the '60s and '70s. I especially fell in love with The Chelsea Hotel. Wowzers. You should definitely read this book if you get a chance.

I want to go to there. Image from here, and more on the Chelsea here.

And right now I'm reading Lamb by Christopher Moore, a humorous book in which the protagonist is Jesus Christ's best friend, who goes back and re-tells the "real" story of their childhood together, as opposed to what the bible says.

Watching: Um, duh, The Walking Dead, season 2. EEK! It stresses me out every time. LADY WITH THE GUN IN THE BATHROOM, STOP PUTTING IT TOGETHER FOR LIKE ONE MINUTE. You all know what I'm talking about.

Images via here and here.

Listening to: Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler. I know I'm super late to the Chelsea Handler train. I'm listening to this as an audio file rather than reading the book. Mostly it's funny and crass, but there's a few kind of racist remarks that actually had me saying "I don't know about this". The chapter about her getting caught drunk driving and going to jail was hilarious though.

Eating: um...nothing really exciting, but I've been craving apple slices with peanut butter lately. Yum!

Loving: that I finally got a pair of black boots, so I can dress like a girl again. Don't worry everybody, I also got brand new inserts as well, you know, for safety purposes.

Hating: STILL not being able to stand or walk for like, any period of time without re-hurting myself. DAMN FEET.

Looking forward to: my sister coming to visit! She contracted a photography job here in Victoria and will be around for like, four days! Hooray! She takes really nice photos, you can see them here and here if you're interested.

This is my sister, by the way. Isn't she beautiful? I've got to be honest, I only have dudes in my life at the moment (at home, work, etc.) and I'm nervous letting some of them them anywhere near her...

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