Wednesday, November 2, 2011

silly hobbies and puzzles and thought experiments

Recently Diana of Our City Lights wrote about how she sometimes thinks she has silly hobbies for a 30 year old, like toy cameras and playing guitar. I, at a youthful 29, have never thought that cameras and guitars were silly. In fact, I am under the impression they are cool. What do you think?

Anyway I commented on that post something like "what would you rather be doing, building a puzzle or something? LOL" and then it hit me: I would rather be building a puzzle! Any of you have any recommendations for good um, puzzle brands? Or something? Is there such a thing as a better quality one? I know nothing about them except it's easier if you start with the corner pieces and I haven't done one since I was about twelve years old.

***here comes a famous Nova segue***

Speaking of puzzles, check out these illustrated videos of famous thought experiments! I found these via Yes and Yes, which you all should be reading for so many reasons if you aren't already.

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