Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I love wearing these two colors together.  I also love...

This hilarious razor ad.

The thing people in each US State think is coming to get them.  

This killer embroidery.

The silliness of busyness. 

So...tubas aren't made of gold?

It's amazing how much a little money can do. 

This dreadlocked...well you'll see. It's not a bear eating grass! 

The 3D market. Where you can buy basically any model of 3D paper glasses.

These parody cereal boxes by Ron English, that were actually placed covertly onto grocery store shelves. I would bust a gut if I actually saw these somewhere! 

Found via Laughing Squid


6 silly sounding jobs that are way harder than you think. 

8 questions to ask besides "So when are you getting married?"

How amazing the human brain is

A brief survey of ridiculous anti-drug propaganda.

Caitlin's diagram of the creative process.  So true!

It socks to be lonely.

The real scientific process.

And last but not least...
...these unomoralez loops


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