Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So. Much. Orange. ALSO, THE SWORD and GAME OF THRONES connection.

This tree is ridiculously beautiful. I want one in my bedroom.


In other news, I made an amazing discovery about the band The Sword. Okay, so I was sitting on the bus, listening to them on my iPod the other day and reading Game of Thrones...and I had this weird moment where it felt like the song I was listening to was talking about the guy I was reading about. (Barael's Blade) ... Wait. A. Minute. 

I took my iPod out of my pocket and scrolled through the song titles... "Take the Black", "Lament of the Auroch", "Winter's Wolves" ... HOLY SHIT IT'S A FREAKIN' SOUNDTRACK TO GAME OF THRONES. It blew my mind. I later googled the connection and it turns out the singer of The Sword is super obsessed with the books. 

Rad! It's like how Led Zeppelin sings about Lord Of The Rings. Except it's like, every single song.

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