Thursday, December 22, 2011

I forgot to ask...

Way to leave it to the last minute, Rella! Anyway for the new year I want to do this a little bit differently...I'm going to charge $5 for any shops or blogs who want a 200x100 ad over there ---->
OR we can do an ad trade if you have a blog that has adspace. I like the uniform look of same-sized ads a bit more than the larger ones.

This month is gonna be exciting, I smell my first giveaway on the horizon, as well as more bus stories, more epic TILT posts, and whatever other crazy schemes I can come up with.

Please let me know ASAP at novaisawesome at gmail dot com if you want in on this, and for all you I traded with last time, please email me if you want to keep this swap going. I will send you all the info you need nearer to the end of the month.

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