Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scary Santa Saturdays, part 2 of 4. *warning* not for sensitive eyeballs

You know those super duper creepy photos where people would dress up dead people as alive people and then take pictures with them as though everything was normal? You don't? Then click here. And here. But only if you're not easily creeped out because there's dead babies and stuff in those photos. But not like the ones from the dead baby jokes of the '70s. Think of them as ... dolls. Yeahhh that's it. Dolls.

ANYWAY, for this week's edition of Scary Santa Saturdays, here are two photos of Santas I'm pretty sure are dead guys. Especially the second one, look how he's standing. Even the donkey is totally dead, check out the feet.

Photos via Sketchy Santas.


Speaking of Santa, I wrote a post over on Eep I'm A Blogger today on why I still believe in Santa and it's up today. Click here to see it. And there's a picture of me with pink and purple dreadlocks, ugly early-2000s glasses and a Christmas sweater over there too, in case you needed another reason to go check it out.

Fun fact, every time I write or say or hear "Check it out" or "Check yourself" I think about this t-shirt.

Six Dollar Shirts is one of my favorite online stores.

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