Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two things...

I created a short little "how's my blog doing?" survey and I would be SO happy if all you readers out there would take the time to go answer my questions. I promise it won't take long, and it would really help a sister out.

Click here to take survey

AND if you didn't know, Victoria over at Batzy Rockshop has been drawing me in my outfits. That's right, I'm a style blogger, didn't you know? (Not really.)

Anyway here's the latest one.

Awesome, right? 
If you click the picture you can see my weird short pants that I really like to wear a lot. Here's Victoria's blog, twitter, flickr, etsy, pintrest and facebook. She's one of the rare bloggers who will have little random twitter conversations with me, most people just ignore my rapist wit.

If you get the reference there, you win my respect and a high five.

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