Monday, February 20, 2012

Requisite calling the sponsors for March post. Sort of. Plus a huge catty bitchfest and gratuitous swearwords.

This photo is supposed to represent me being impatient or bored. I'm already losing steam on this sponsor thing. I'm just not that serious of a blogger and it's feeling like a huge boring obligation. How about this, if you are already over on my sidebar and you want me to change something let me know. If you're cool just staying there then don't say anything and I'll leave your button there and we can just continue the swap indefinitely.

If you want to do a sponsor trade thing and we haven't talked about it yet, shoot me an email and we'll work something out.

I've been falling out of love with the whole blog world gradually over the past year or so, which is why I've been trying new stuff like sponsors. I even almost did a giveaway, but couldn't bear to spend money on jerks I don't even know who won't even stick around unless I keep giving things away.

A few people have written recently about how most blogs these days are exactly the same, and I guess that's my problem with them too. Since when do you have to write outfit posts, DIYs with beautifully lit photoshopped photos and shopping lists featuring shitty flowery crap from Etsy?

I've been on a huge unfollowing spree. First it was the people who don't properly credit their photo sources, then it was people who only promote their shops full of things I'm not interested in, then the people I never felt any real connection with and were more like fashion magazines than people hulking over their laptops in sweatpants.

Now I'm starting to unfollow the people who are clogging up my feed with the same boring shit every day. I follow through bloglovin', and so I'm clicking on each individual blogger and seeing if they have written anything interesting or original in the past two weeks. If not, goodbye.

I just unfollowed a massively popular blogger because she bores me and I smiled. I also unfollowed somebody whose posts have become so depressing I was actually dreading seeing her name appear on my screen. Why on earth was I doing that to myself? I don't owe her anything. Goodbye.

Anyway whatever. My real life is interesting enough without learning how to make glitter bunting or paint my nails in some impractical and time-consuming fashion. And seriously guys, FOUR of you posted those zig zag nail tutorials in the same week. Get an original idea, won't you?

All this being said, I have to say that some people who do outfit posts, zig zag nail tutorials or talk about their shop are fucking killer awesome. Like Beca for example. Or Kaylah. Because they make it their own and put their personality into everything they do. Stop trying to be cool and just be yourself.

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