Sunday, March 25, 2012

diptych: parliment buildings and the setting sun. Plus the pass it on project lives! I heard from book ten!

Do any of you remember me talking about my Pass It On project? I started it in um...2009? And apparently it's still kind of happening! Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me explain for those of you who don't memorize every single thing I ever say on the internet. 

In February of 2009 I decided to try doing a 'thing'. Like, an art project type thing. I mailed out 20 notebooks to friends all over the world. In this notebook I wrote out the name of the blog, and I wrote in it something to the effect of "If you found this book, add something to it and pass it on to a friend." 

I then put in my parents P.O. box number for when it was full and said I'd reimburse the sender for the shipping fees if they wanted to send me a self-addressed stamped envelope. 

I also encouraged people to message me or email me or send photos of the book so I could put them on the blog and know where the books are. 

Well I was greatly disappointed with the entire project. It started out with high hopes and fizzled rather quickly. Most of the notebooks disappeared off the radar after one or two passes. I have no fricking idea where they are. 

In January 2011 though, I got a notification that somebody had found a book that, as far as I knew had only been "released into the wild" in Vancouver, B.C. It said:

Hey! I see that the blog hasn' been updated in a while. Anyway, I got this book in Madrid from an Italian friend from Barcelona. It has travelled with me to Beijing (China) and it is about to be given to my Chinese friend. I hope these are good news! Cheers!

Right? So cool! And today I found out that another book that was left in a cafeteria here in Victoria by my friend was in San Francisco. The note says:

I encountered Book 10 while sleeping overnight on the floor of a United Airlines terminal in San Francisco, CA last March. It has been a year and I've been unorganized so I have yet to make my addition. It is on my list of priorities and I plan to release back into the wild very shortly. I hope the rest of your project is on track.

This project is really fragile, it depends so much on every single person who gets the book to not just forget about it or keep it for themselves. I'm so stoked that it's still happening though, albeit really freakin' slowly. It gives me hope that the other nineteen are in the hands of more people with good intentions and not rotting in a landfill somewhere.

I think if I get one back and it's awesome I'm going to try and publish it somehow. Next time I do something like this it's going to be way more organized. There's definitely gonna be a next time, but probably with bloggers involved so there's an easier way to keep track of it. 

Although I do love the mystery of the books I have out there now. Who knows what they've seen?

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