Monday, March 26, 2012

look in the mirror yeti!

Yeti knows how to use a mirror. It's creepy. You can see her weird mismatched eyes watching you from basically anywhere in the house.

This is our bathroom, in case you couldn't tell by the sushi shower curtain. Anyway Yeti has decided that the bathroom sink is the most amazing water fountain she's ever seen. I heard her jump up onto the counter and told her to get down because nobody likes cat hair in their toothbrushes and she just cat-frowned at me in the mirror. 

But of course as soon as my camera came out she was all over the place, looking away whenever I got close to pushing the shutter button. Ah well. As punishment I opened the two sides of the medicine cabinet and gave her a house of mirrors effect. She was looking back and forth all confused because SHE COULD ONLY SEE HER OWN HEAD. haha good times.

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