Thursday, March 8, 2012

Linky dinks

The name Things I Love Thursday is no more. Do not panic. I repeat, do not panic. Basically the title 'Things I Love Thursday' feels kinda restrictive. Anyway it's still gonna happen on Thursdays and it's really a non-issue so I'm just gonna stop explaining and get on with the links already.

Cool stuff I found this week:

These abstract "ruined" polaroid pictures! They're really beautiful.

How to be a writer part one and part two. Hilarious but true. 

Ribbon sculptures.

By women, for women, for men?

Incredibly elaborate and NOT PHOTOSHOPPED scenes.  

Parasites from cat poop could be controlling our brains! No, really.

Vegan protein bar breakdown.

Corey's post on her own body image.


So much rad.

Man on fire photos by Benjamin Von Wong. 

The 26 happiest animals in the world.

Stop writing on the internet to make people love you. 

Asha Guwahati was on the news

You didn't thank me for punching you in the face. (Thanks Alycia)

I want to meet tigers! I'm so jealous.

A grammar colonoscopy

Chloe Rice in general, but mostly her "Oh Joy" posts. She's so badass.

The Civil Wars' cover of the Portishead song Sour Times. They are so great. 


My new wolf tattoo from Cody Walsh, it's all like "RAAR". And that my friend Tambo got a matching one.

Embroidered x-rays. I would LOVE one of these in my home. (via Yes and Yes)

This article addresses my main problem with hip hop square on. (Also via Yes and Yes)

True stories in one sentence. (Thanks Suzy)

Real life Simpsons house.

But some oranges are really dinosaur eggs. 

This NSFW table read for the sex scenes in Superbad. (video)

Did you know Google Friend Connect is going to disappear? I don't want to lose all you awesome people from my internet life when that happens! Suzy has some suggestions on ways to follow your favorite blogs. I use bloglovin' personally, it's so easy and user friendly.

Never leaving the cat alone when she's just trying to sit beside me.

 Always Bugging the Kitty

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