Monday, March 12, 2012

What would you do?

It's like serendipity that I didn't schedule a post for today and then was witness to some outrageous behavior and felt like blogging about it. I'm at work and actually have to start actually working in about three minutes so this is gonna have to be a quick one. Sorry if my syntax is crazy or anything.

So on some weekday mornings I catch a super early bus to downtown, go to a nice warm cozy coffee shop and study for my medical terminology class for a few hours before work. I really like it because I'm quite the morning person and have no distractions in the coffee shop. Until lately.

This big fat ugly gross man and an equally big fat gross ugly woman have started having pre-work coffee dates in MY coffee shop. And they always sit really near me.

The purpose of their coffee dates, from what I can ascertain, is to talk loudly and rudely about their co-workers. It's a super negative bitchfest. Every morning. Which, yeah whatever, maybe their workplace is terrible. But from being forced to overhear their conversations for days on end, I have discovered that the man is in some kind of power position in their company and is extremely horribly misogynistic.

The woman is sexist too. Against herself. If you know what I mean. She LOLs at all his terrible jokes and nods and agrees loudly. Yes, that secretary shouldn't have given him that look about all the paperwork, she sure does need a hot beef injection.

That's right, he said "hot beef injection" today. And she agreed.

In fact, he has basically threatened to rape his secretary multiple times over the conversations I've listened to. And the woman agrees. I can not believe my ears sometimes. Today I make a disgusted sound and turned around and got a real good look at the both of them, just in case I read something in the newspaper about a secretary being given a "protein injection". "A big one" that he has for her. That thing "she needs".

You get the point. I mean it's horrible. What can you do though? I want to ask them where they work and then write to the HR department on behalf of this poor woman, whoever she is.

Anyway I don't know where I'm going with this but OH MY GOD what would you do if you overheard conversations like that?

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  1. I'd try to record it with my laptop or whatever and see if any local media would want to pick it up.
    So disgusting.


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