Wednesday, April 4, 2012

angular doorway

Hey did you ladies out there know that we have a section in our bathing-suit area that's called a cul-de-sac? It's true! WTF? It's number twelve on this diagram. Um...and what is number five? Is that normal? lol

I got 97% on the midterm for my Medical Terminology class on Monday. That's 165 questions right out of 170. You'd probably be happy with that, right? Well I was angry with myself for fucking up those five questions. They were all things I remembered reading about but just could not remember the answer to. So frustrating. So I sat there, looking over my exam and beating myself up about it. That is, until I heard other people celebrating their eighty two percents and their eighty five percents as though they had just invented a cure for cancer.

And then I felt good about myself. Please insert your congratulations in the comments section below.

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