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A short lesson in perspective. It seems TL;DR but really read it! (Thanks Nubby)

The fear of missing out. (Thanks Courtney)

How do cops train for assignments as fake high school students?  (Thanks Sarah Von)

These smoke detectors are so cute! Never thought I'd say that sentence but there you go.

This creepy app isn't just stalking women without their knowledge, it's a wakeup call about facebook privacy. This is AWFUL. And then read Gala's tips on how to stay safe in this internet day and age. It's not all 'creeps in chatrooms' anymore guys, shit's getting real.

Kaylah picks up garbage on the beach. Again. 

Whelp I'm definitely not an "anthro girl".  I am the anti-anthro. 

Now on Ashley's blog you can link up your favorite post of the month that someone else has written. I love these sharing-type features. It shows how generous Ashley is to share her space with everyone.

Ryan Gosling saved a woman from being run over because of course he did. 

Hijab, Niqab or nothing. (video) (via Yes and Yes) I wish there was something that I could put on that meant "judge me by my personality and beliefs, not my ass".

Did you know the Canadian penny is really being phased out this year? They've been talking about it forever but it's actually happening in 2012! Finally.

Sandra's awesome idea to reduce nasty coffee cup trash in the streets.

Oh my gosh the BERKS meme killed me. I am dead. 

Polaroids from Afghanistan

I love the underwear made from t-shirts at slippery slope bloomer company!

Rochelle is KILLING IT lately with the sewing, she's making like a dress a week or something. Here's the latest masterpiece.

An ode to every monster in the alphabet that kept us up at night as kids.


  (Thanks Kellie)

Surprised to see me. One woman's story about what it's like to lose 40 pounds...and the reactions she gets when people see her. (Thanks Sarah Von)

And another one I found via Yes and Yes, Dentists Without Borders, in which David Sedaris writes about his French doctors and dentists. I love me some David Sedaris. "Could Doctor be the man's first name?" hahaha so good.

The most useful websites.

Four ways to eat brussel sprouts. (thanks Vanessa)

Italian restaurant in a cave. Yes please. 

A hilarious article on...hypnobirthing. haha what the f...

Jenny Lawson's promotional video for her new book. Wil Wheaton! Neil Gaiman!

Personal responsibility. (Thanks Suzy)

"Ron Burgandy" on Conan. (video) 

I never wanted to visit Chatanooga, Tennessee until seeing this post.

How to navigate culture shock. 

Do you do number twos in public toilets?


Lizzy Stewart's illustrations of things that happened in her day. They're so good! (Thanks Alycia)

I just love the entire life of...Katie? I don't know her name, she goes by Octohawk online. But it doesn't matter. I mean, look at her instagram photos in this post from the past few days...she's so cool! 

Writers on how to start writing.

Sind tattoos vegan? (video) Jakub Settgast talks about what makes a tattoo vegan. It's in German so...if you don't speak German  you're SOL. Don't worry, I don't either. You can see some of Jakub's tattoos here, real neat stuff!

9 essential skills kids should learn

Are tattoos still bad-ass

How to make digital photos look like multiple exposures in Photoshop. I'm totally going to try this. (thanks again, Vanessa!)

And Gala Darling put out an amazing carousel post are my ten favorite links from her post, but I encourage you to go over there and see the rest for yourself if you haven't had enough over here.

1. How to put yourself out there and handle criticism.
2. The chunky, gorgeous woman on the subway.
3. The enduring popularity of tans.
4. Lies in the gym.
5. The comments section for every article ever written about PETA. LOL! So true.
6. Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany! I bet they're creepy as fuck.
7. I love doing social stuff alone.
8. Fiona Apple's triumphant live return! I love her!!
9. Little victories.
10. The faces of addiction. A photoset.

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