Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This building is so sad. It's in one of the best locations in the entire city, on the water, right downtown, and is just rotting and falling apart. Whoever owns it refuses to sell it or do anything with it. And so it stays.


I went to the gym for the first time in probably eight years yesterday. It was super intimidating for the first little bit but luckily Ryan was there as my safety net. If I didn't know what to do next I could just go up to him and pretend to have a casual conversation or something. I also used the water fountain as the place to go and scope out the machines.

I am really out of shape, you guys. My muscles were so confused, but also happy, so I think I'll be going back soon.

One thing I do not understand is this culture of picking people up at the gym though. I guess it's a great place to find super hot people. Oh and if you're really into fitness I suppose it's cool to know that everybody in that one place has similar interests to you...but here's a tip: if there's a visibly awkward person wearing purposefully non-alluring workout gear and actually working up a sweat while listening to an iPod, and is there with her boyfriend that person is not looking to be hit on. I guarantee it. Go for the ones wearing makeup.

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