Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A gate, a haircut and a bank appointment. And me getting annoyed in three acts, because I know you all love my bitter stories.

I'm going downtown in a bit here to talk to the bank about hopefully getting a loan and/or consolodating some debt. I'm scared, because that kind of abstract number thinking just goes right over my head. There's something about it I can not grasp. I'm no dummy but I certainly am when it comes to money and math.

Long story short, if I can't come up with $700 by ... really soon, I have to wait another year to apply for the course I want to get into because I didn't decide what I wanted to do until the last minute. No pressure.

Way to go, me. Making split second decisions on my entire future. Ha. Whatever, I just hope to gain some clarity on my situation and see if the bank can help me.

And then after that I have a haircut appointment! For a real professional haircut!! I've been DIY-ing my hair for over a year. It's not HORRIBLE but it's definitely not nice right now. But it will be soon.

Thanks everyone for wishing me luck on my Medical Terminology final, it worked. I got a solid 93%, which is not the hundred I was hoping for but to be fair I really phoned in the "studying" for it. So yay. No more flash cards! I dramatically threw my flash cards into the garbage as I walked out of the classroom, it was as awesome as it sounds.

Oh ha, I just remembered something that made me angry just before the exam happened. You want to hear about it don't you? Of course you do! So here it is.

Scene: I walked into the nearly empty classroom full of tables and chairs, and chose an aisle seat at an empty table for easy escape. There were three chairs to my right.

Girl1 enters and sits in one of the chairs. Girl2 enters and sits in another one of the chairs. Girl3 enters and sits in the last chair.

Girl1: Like oh my gosh, where's Girl4 going to sit? There's like someone in her seat. Oh my god, where's she going to sit?

Girl2: Oh my god, she's like gonna be so like mad. I totally told her we could all sit together.

Girl3: What are we going to doooo? (looks at me with her dopey idiot eyes)

Me: (Pretends to not hear any of it.)

Girl2: Girl4's here. Hiiiii.

Girl4: Um...so....where am I going to sit?

Girl1: I don't know! Oh my gosh I'm soooo sorrry.

Girl4: (super dramatically) I GUESS I can sit over here. By myself.

Me: (SUPER annoyed because we are writing a fucking exam, you can't even look at your friends during an exam, who cares where you're fucking sitting??)

Me: Do you want me to move? I can just sit over there.

Me: (Gestures to an empty chair, literally three feet away)

Girl1: REALLY? Um, like, if that's okayyy, because...um like it's really confuuuusing right now and....

Me: Yeah. (moves seats)

Girl1: Thanks dude. (All fucking high school catty-voice.)

Scene 2: I sit down beside a lady probably in her late fourties or early fifties. All throughout the course she has seemed a little neurotic and weird, and also really prudish, any time there's sex or anything mentioned in the class she'd go "TMI! TOO MUCH INFORMATION!" hahaha but anyway it's just to write an exam so I didn't care who the hell I was sitting beside.

Lady: Oh...you're sitting here now.

Me: Yup. The gals back there all wanted to sit together.

Lady: Oh...so...hmmmm. I wonder where my friend is.

Me: (don't care)

Lady: So...you're sitting where she sits. Um...well...you're really going to jinx me.

Me: (Thinking WHATTHEFUCKAREYOUSERIOUSLADY?) Um. Sorry about that?

But I stayed there anyway and then through the entire exam she fidgeted, like clicking her pen a bunch and wiggling her feet in a way so her shoes squeaked and stuff. Annoying!

Scene 3: We all had to wait until everybody finished their exams, and then we got a stranger's paper and marked them, so we could get our marks back immediately. 
When we were finished, we all had to kind of yell out "I HAVE LINDSAY'S PAPER, WHO'S LINDSAY?" or whatever, it was like a bazaar of exam papers. I finished totalling up "Lindsay" 's paper and then sat there waiting and waiting and waiting for mine to be finished. Finally...

Girl3: Nova? Who's Nova?

Me: (Oh no, not that idiot!) That's me!

Girl3: Um...so...

Me: (goes to grab my exam, which has been marked in pink highlighter)

Girl3: Um...I didn't like...um...add up the checkmarks...

Me: What do you mean?

Girl3: Like...math is hard so ... I don't know what to do??

Me: What?

Girl3: Um...so like, can you do it?

Me: I guess so?

Me: (takes the exam and adds up the wrong answers)

Me: I got 13 wrong.

Girl3: so...then...

Me: It's out of 223.

Girl3: so...you got....

Me: Two hundred annnnd.... (trying to get her to come to the solution on her own)

Girl3: um...??


Girl3: Um..oh...yeah. Um...wow, good math! Good job! You're good at math!

Girl3: (writes that I got 223 out of 210)

Me: Close enough.

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