Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I should just wear this every day.

Today Ryan and i went to the thrift store to drop off some things for needy people. You know, like our old bent cd rack, children's books with some of the pages scribbled on, and that video camera that takes cassette tapes. Things they really need.

We're benevolent like that.

Well, this particular store places no value on books at all, which is great news for me because i value them highly. So I wanted to look at the books. Ryan was willing to give me a few minutes.
I found Watership Down for 69 cents.
and One Flew Over the Cucoo's Nest. wait. how do you spell cuckoo? ah, there we go.

So then I was all "I found four books i wanted for less than three dollars! score!"
to Ryan but he was all the way across the store looking at something blue and red and fuzzy.

Was it was some kind of santa hat?



Yes. really. Can you believe it? I still can't really.

And, on top of that, because it is so near Halloween, it was half price.
Regular price was nine bucks.

Duuuude. As soon as we got home I put that sucker on, and we had a photo shoot, haha.
It was way too small for me, especially in the butt-area. I think it was made for a ten year old boy, but WHO CARES? It is awesome.

(I didn't really know what smurfs do, so I was just kind of standing around and then picked up a rock. And then I found a mushroom...the rock one makes me laugh every time i see it)


  1. You are like a famous treasure hunter having found that thing. Actually, I can't think of the name of any treasure hunters, so how famous can they really be? Posers.

  2. OMG the best ever!!! Love it!


  3. @kurt hm. what about that guy in treasure island? you know...cap'n crunch?

    thanks stacia! I missed you as a blog friend :)


Digame entonces.

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