Monday, November 23, 2009

letter to my finger

Dear left index finger tip,

Hey, how ya doin, little buddy?

Wow, you've had a tough couple of days, huh?

Listen. I'm really really sorry about that whole incident in the shower. I was just in such a hurry to shave my legs...looking back I can't even figure out how it happened. One minute you were fine and the next you were missing a chunk.

What were you doing in the way in the first place? Why were you even there?

At least I only shaved off part of the nail. You didn't even bleed. It was kind of funny, in retrospect.

But what this letter is really about is what happened yesterday at work. Once again, I don't really know what happened. One minute I'm folding a piece of paper and the next you are bleeding everywhere.

How did the paper slice you right under the nail?

I mean I've had paper cuts before, but UNDER THE NAIL? That's like a total freak accident.

Anyway I'm sorry about all of that.

So can you please stop hurting when I type?

Thanks a million!

Your pal,


  1. Use these words in a sentence:
    Sorry, I, Finger, you, cut.

  2. Uh...I Finger you cut, Sorry.


Digame entonces.

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