Tuesday, December 8, 2009

surprise guest post by Ryan

Surprise Guest Blogger: my boyfriend Ryan

I enjoy the library. Most people use it for books but I prefer to have my own collection of books on the fireplace mantel. I usually use the library to rent DVDs. Hey they are free and you can order almost anything (as long as you're willing to wait 3 months to get it).

Yesterday I was at the library looking at movies and there was a grandma and granddaughter checking out the collection of available DVDs beside me. The 2 year old kept telling her grandma "Up, up, up" but granny was too busy looking at the geriatric ward porn collection (Richard Gere and Antonio Banderas movies!)

"Up, up, up," continued the little girl.

"I'll pick you up in a minute dear," replied granny.

"Up, up, up"

Geez, give the kid some attention, I thought.

Then I saw it. The movie "Up" was on the shelf directly in front of grandma. I was number 212 on the wait list for this (yes, I am too cheap to pay to rent it) and as I stared at the movie I realized the little girl was not reaching for her grandma, she was reaching for "Up"!

"Up, up, up"

Alright, I had enough. I politely asked granny to excuse my reach and picked "Up" off the shelf. With "Up" in my hand and the little girl smiling at me I gave her a smile and a wink and walked away.

As I signed out the movie I had noticed that the little girl had stopped saying "up". You're welcome grandma.

Another random act of kindness. I'm a giver.


  1. Hey, when opportunity knocks you've got to answer.

    At least you didn't hold it out to her in a mock offering and then quickly pull it away. Psyche! Now that, that'd be downright rude.


Digame entonces.

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