Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holy shit, am I a hipster?

"hipsterism fetishizes the authentic"
elements of all the
"fringe movements
of the postwar era -
Beat, hippie, punk, even grunge"

- Christian Lorentzen, Time Out New York

This blog post by Sarah Von got me thinking.

Am I a hipster?

I mean, I definitely wouldn't categorize myself as a hardcore hipster. I don't have a fixie bike, I don't wear those fucking scarf things and I really need to wear glasses, they're not an accessory, they're a necessity. I don't go to parties or after parties or after after parties. I don't know any obscure indy music or film. I don't wear skinny jeans. I admit that I watch T.V. I don't like Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Metal, bluegrass and folk are still my favorite music.

I'm afraid to do hipster things because of the social stigma. I can't wear as much plaid as I'd like, I don't go to my friend's band's shows because I don't want to be the only non-American apparel walking advertisement in the venue and get judged for it. I haven't worn my most ironic t-shirts in over a year because it's way too...hipster. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to use some cameras in public like my Holga.

But I blog, I have tattoos that are silly, I like (some of the) clothes from American Apparel, I talk about my cat too much, I love irony, I love stupid t-shirts and hoodies. I like thrift store shopping. I love cool shaved head haircuts on girls. I technically have an Arts Degree and I work in a (vegan owned) tattoo shop because it's fun. I like reading influential literature, and will take books on the bus. I'm vegetarian, and I prefer organic and local food. I don't own a car.

It's a toss up. Am I hipster or not?

Here's an adbusters article on hipsters.
The Hipster Handbook.


  1. If you're a hipster, then so am I.

    1. Tattoos, some of which are just for the sake of being funny = check

    2. Irrational love of kitten = check

    3. Vegetarian = check

    I'm choosing not to fight it OR embrace it. I'll stick with not giving a fuck. It seems like the most punkrock option.

  2. Nyah nyah, you're a hipster! Not really. You're what all the hipsters wanna be. Hip.

  3. Racquel- yeah, I think in some little way we are all part hipster deep down.

    Little girl - hahaha yeah well I doubt they'd approve of my musical tastes. And style. And what I do in my spare time.


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