Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tank takes me for a walk...

Isn't it funny how I turned the words around, so like, it sounds like he was dragging me around. Not really. He's a good walker and everything but after a while it's like "where the hell else could we go?". He showed me. First we found this interspace time travel portal made from snow.

 We found some...wood. And clover. That part was kind of boring. 
But he peed on it and I thought it was funny. Good boy.

And then he took me to this army bunker, also made from snow. 
You can see the windows for canons or rifles or what-have-you.

After that we found the tracks that were obviously made from some kind of UFO and not the neighbor's 17 year old son's friends when the parents were out of town, 
because he swears he didn't have a party. Of course we believe him!

And then Tank took me to the end of the road. Where there is just like, a wall of scary trees. Or so I thought. I guess the other neighbors with dogs take their dogs for walks up there and Tank could smell them, 
or else my dog is just super smart, because he immediately found a trail! 

I was kind of like "no, I dunno, maybe we shouldn't...I don't know if this is these people's yard..." but he insisted, and I was bored at home anyway so off we went into the great unknown woods. 

Turns out other humans had been there before, as evidenced by this bottle in the tree. Real nice, jerks!

It was a really pretty walk. 
There were mossy trees, mossy rocks, fungus of all shapes and sizes...

...and a bunch of old wrecked cars! WHAT THE?!

 How cool is that?


  1. I love this meandering kind of discovering weird stuff kind of amble. And Tank looks like a keeper. Thanks for visiting - glad to know you!

  2. Ha, yeah. There's definitely a lot of exploring the neighborhood going on these days. And smelling stuff. And peeing on stuff.

    Thanks for visiting back!

  3. i love letting my dog walk me. awesome photos!.. but... were those Tank balls i saw?!?! get that pooch neutered, goddamnit!


  4. Hey anonymous, speaking of balls, why don't you grow a pair and use your real name? Also, he has an appointment for next week.

  5. sweet :)!
    uh, every time i try to use my legit identity the interweb goes all awry and my comments disappear and i get impatient and start feeling all smashy

  6. I love the photos. Elijah, my Daddy and I went on a long hike last fall and found an abandoned rock quarry 3 miles away from my parents fairly urban home. It was insane!

    Weird finding interest in the mundane usual.

  7. I had no idea there was even room to walk around in there, it's this huge cool foresty area!


Digame entonces.

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