Wednesday, December 1, 2010

tizzent the season yet.

It's December. In case you were not aware.

Most of you are probably all Christmas spirit, or debating the use of "x-mas" (I'm for it, by the way.) or buying presents or feeding people at homeless shelters. You're probably dreaming of sugar plums, sugar cookies, sugar candy canes...Joy to the World...Santa and Jesus holding hands at the North Pole looking out over a field of x-mas trees and mangers and children singing about drummer boys and making snow angels.

Or snow angles.  If you're that type of nerd.

But not me! Guess where my brain is.

Go ahead. I'll wait., that's not it!

...nope, not that either.

...okay, why don't I just tell you?

I'm going to CUBA in two weeks!

Here's what I think of when I imagine Cuba. (Thanks, Hispanic studies class.)

I have no idea what contemporary, touristy Cuba is going to be like. Probably more like this:

We are going to the most touristy city you can possibly imagine. I don't even know if it's a city, it might just a pile of resorts on beaches where we're staying.  I wish we were going to have more time, we're only going for a week, so other than a quick trip to Havana there's not much time to plan anything else. I'm going to do my research this week and see what else the island has to offer. It's going to be super fun no matter what, even though I'm really not a lie on the beach and suntan and drink booze all day kind of vacationer, because I'm going with my sister and her boyfriend (who's never ever been on an out-of-Canada-or-Northern-USA vacation), and my dad and step-mom, who are really fun. 

We are also going with like ten other people, some of whom I don't know very well or at all, including someone's girlfriend, her ex husband, the kid they had together and the ex-husband's wife...I asked my dad if we were secretly filming a reality show or what...that might get interesting.

Have any of you been to Cuba before? Any suggestions? Travel tips? Things I must see? Please let me know! Any input would be very valuable, as, like I said, we're only there for a week! I want to make the most of it. 

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  1. wow. your traveling buddies do sound like reality tv show magic waiting to happen. you are bringing a video camera right?
    you think i'm a nerd? i'm pretty happy about that. whenever i watch movies about people in high school i always like the nerds the best.


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