Friday, January 21, 2011

I wish the vandals would just leave this poor guy's fence alone already

He's like 99 years old. Sometimes I see him outside gardening or sweeping the sidewalk, wearing full sleeves and pants, a wide-brimmed straw hat and those sunglasses that cover not only your eyes but your prescription eye-glasses and the sides of your head. He keeps busy and his yard is very nice.

 Every couple months there's a new sign attached to a new section of the fence. It either gets vandalized or ruined by the weather or goes missing, and then  he puts up a new one. I wish there was a vandalism code of conduct against doing things to nice white picket fences owned by senior citizens with a good strong work ethic.

Vandals, if you're reading this, please leave that old man alone!


  1. awe. Poor guy. Hopefully the vandals leave him alone.

  2. Awww, that's so sad! Why would they pick on the same fence again and again??

    Our mail box got bashed in by what we think was a baseball bat a few months ago. I just don't understand what motivates people to destroy other's property.


  3. Why is everything so much sadder when it involves old people? Geez. I almost teared up a little thinking of the poor guy coming outside and seeing it torn up again and again.

  4. Aww, I never understood the fun in doing something that will hurt someone who has nothing to do with you. That poor guy.

  5. Reminds me of when they wrecked the old guy's mailbox in the movie "Up" with him and his deceased wife's handprints on the many people put so much pride into their stuff, and then some careless @sshole comes along and destroys it...really sad.

  6. rachelaustin - I went through a real destructive phase when I was about fifteen years old. Today I'm ashamed of it, but I used to think it was hilarious to sneak into peoples yards and jump on their trampolines or throw their belongings into a stream. WTF me?

    freeflying - It's weird, hey? Throw a crying old lady on a movie screen and I'm instantly in tears. And old man? COME ON.

  7. Nicole - Yeah, he seems to take it in stride. He's feisty!

    Danielle - it's not fair. Even in my neighborhood some jerk tore up the field where all the kids play with his truck...ruined it, because he was drunk and thought it was funny.

    Chelle - totally.


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