Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Yesterday

Boss: Can you pick up some tacos from the truck down the street?
Me: Sure.
Boss: Oh, and some tortilla soup. No dairy. (He's vegan.)
Me: Of course.
Boss: And if they don't have the soup then some more tacos. But they better have soup or you're fired.

(Enter long and joking* discussion about the repercussions and legal actions that would be taken if I got fired.)

*I hope, ha!

Me: Please don't fire me.
Boss: Okay.

(I go to the taco truck and order food.)

Me: (Waiting for food)
(Super Fat Drunk Guy walks over.)

Drunk Guy: (Slurring to the point of intelligibility) How much for ketchup chips?
Taco Truck Guy: Two dollars.
Drunk Guy: I'm a shaman but I don't like to do it in the street. (Sways precariously)
Taco Truck Guy: Oh.
Drunk Guy: I'm waiting for a bus. (Note: there's no bus stop anywhere near the taco truck)
Taco Truck Guy: (To me) Here's your food.
Me: Yay! (I take it back to the shop)

Me: OMG you guys, you shoulda seen the super drunk guy at the taco truck. (does awesome impression of drunk guy, then opens the lid to make sure the soup is right before I hand it to the boss. It is but HAS CHEESE ON IT! DISASTER! VEGAN BOSS!)

Me: Crap. There's cheese on it! I'll be right back.

(I walk back to the taco truck)

(Drunk guy is still there.)

Taco truck guy: ...Yeah?
Me: Um, sorry, I need this soup to not have cheese on it, my boss is vegan. No dairy.
Taco Truck Guy: Oh, sorry! No cheese! Yes. (Takes it back)
Me: Yes! Thanks. (Waits patiently)
Drunk guy: (Stumbles) Fucking chips. I had a hamburger.
Taco Truck Guy: ...yes. Chips. Do you want a taco?
Drunk guy: How much are they, ten dollars?
Taco Truck Guy: Six for six dollars.
Drunk Guy: I had a hamburger. You're an asshole. Shaman. It's dark then light and it changes my mood.
Taco Truck Guy: (To me) Here's your soup. No cheese! Sorry again!
Me: Thank you so much!

(I walk back to the shop with the new soup)

Me: Okay. No cheese!

(I open the soup to check that everything's okay this time...but there's a big fat dollop of sour cream in it.)

Me: Nooooo! There's sour cream on it!
Boss: NO!
Me: (sigh) I'll be back again.

(I go back to the taco truck, giddy with the silliness of the situation)

Me: Hey, my soup has sour cream in it.
Taco Truck Guy: Oh no! So sorry!
Me: No, it's okay. I just need straight up soup with tortillas on top.
Taco Truck Guy: Yes. Sorry! No problem.

(I wait patiently)
(Taco Truck Guy hands me two bowls of soup with no lids on them)

Me: ?
Taco Truck Guy: You take two, sorry again!
Me: Thank you?

I walk back to the shop again, this time definitely sure about the dairy status of the soup because of the lack of lids I could see that there was nothing but soup and tortilla chip thingys in there.

I get to the shop and remember the door is a 'pull' type door. And my hands are full of two hot and red-colored soup. That spells disaster right? What would you do?

I, like a total idiot, forged ahead anyway and tried to just pull the door open with one of my soup-holding hands. Of course the door opened faster than I expected and the soup spilled all over me. Like  half a damn bowl of tortilla soup.

No, seriously, all over me. It splashed down the front of my hoodie. It got on my (very light colored) skirt. It even somehow got on the inside of my sleeve,  and on my back.

...and that's when I lost my mind.

It was like this, only times ten thousand.

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  1. Someone else on these fair interwebs had a soup spilling incident recently, but I can't remember who it was.

    I think it's a fact of vegan/vegetarian lives that food people are going to fuck things up. This one time my Dad (who's been a ovo-lacto vegetarian since I was 2) ordered a vegetarian burrito at a local restaurant.

    It had bacon bits all through the veggies. I thought my dad was going to die! Not funny but haha anyways.

    He told me he considered vomiting up the bite he took. That's dedication! *inappropriate haha again*

  2. Ha, was it me yesterday on Facebook? Because I couldn't shut up about it.

    I hate the "what about chicken/fish?" question. NO! NO CHICKEN OR FISH. Nothing with a face.

  3. aww!! hahaha, this post made me laugh so hard. :) but i AM sorry that you had soup all over you.

  4. I don't get to go anywhere without soup spilled all over me. I'd blame it on the kids (and do) but the truth is that this is just how it's been for my entire life.

  5. This happens to me all the time, but with gluten instead of dairy! I'll go to a pita place and just ask for no pita anywhere near my food, but all the ingredients in a bowl. Then they'll bring it to me and the pita is resting on the side of the salad! Argh! And then they tell me to just not eat it, but I can't even have gluten TOUCH my food. It drives me crazy.

    And as for spilling....yaaaa. Daily occurrence. I know your pain. =P

  6. Suzy - it was a tragedy until I got the tide to go pen out.

    Chelle - best thing about having kids, for sure. Blame stuff on them!

    Steff - Agh, and the worst thing about that is nobody frickin' understands what you're talking about. At least 'no dairy' is kind of a simple instruction. No gluten is like a complete mystery to some people.

  7. You poor soul. :(
    Thought that drunk guy did make me laugh, I feel very bad about the stressful day at work and the (hopefully not ruined) outfit!

    Hope work goes better!

  8. This cracked me up so much - does this make me a bad person? I'm sorry! It was the cartoon at the end that did it!

  9. I came across your blog, and can't help it, I laughed out loud to your soup chatastrophe! Thanks for making me laugh!

  10. nicole, that guy also made me laugh. But apparently he was a Shaman so I should be careful.

    Princess - Oh, I had no idea my blog was frequented by royalty! It doesn't make you a bad person, just a mean one.

    Just kidding. The cartoon really accurately demonstrates my facial expressions I think.

    Anni - I'm glad you stopped by! :)


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