Sunday, February 20, 2011

Six Confessions

Hey dudes, what's up? Nah, just kidding, I don't care. *

Me? Oh, not much. Just chillin' with my impacted wisdom teeth. We're good buddies these days. Lots of crazy headaches and whatever. Also, I may or may not have won not one, but TWO really effing sweet blog giveaways. But neither of them have made any official announcements, so I wouldn't want to give it away ahead of time and steal their thunder. Oh yeah, and I changed up the layout of this blog a little bit since the last time you were here. I made all the stuff in the sidebar the same size, because I know that kind of thing really bugs some of you, and I changed the widths of stuff so I could post larger images. Real exciting stuff.

*totally joking, btw

Anyway, on to today's post: Six Confessions.

After seeing bloggers like Leigh-Ann, Kelly Ann, Katie and Kyla Roma post their six confessions, I was inspired to do a post of my own! Here are six things you could have probably guessed about me but I'll tell you anyway. And then you should go check out all those other people's six things. LISTS ARE AWESOME.


1. I talk out loud to my pets. And I use weird voices and do weird things...basically anything that will get a positive reaction from them. Ryan asked me what I talk about with the cat one day, like about the weather or what? And I got all offended and told him "We don't talk about those things. We talk about cat stuff."

<-- So basically, this is me.
2. I (sort of) steal umbrellas. I kind of feel like they're a disposable commodity, which I know is crazy, but I've lost my share of umbrellas on the bus, in doctors offices, etc. and I'd like to think that somebody who needed it was using it. When I find an umbrella stranded on a bus, I'm not like "Hey I really should give this to the bus driver, and then subsequently this umbrella will be returned to its rightful owner."

I'm more like "Score, free umbrella." because honestly, it's very likely that this particular collapsible black umbrella is just going to end up in a giant lost and found box along with 80 other collapsible black umbrellas.

3. I hate getting tattooed and I'm a huge baby. BUT I'm (usually) pretty good at closing my eyes and trying not to whine too much, haha. And it's always worth the pain in the end so I keep doing it. But seriously, it hurts! It's awful! I'm getting my chest tattooed next month and am already panicking about it.

4.Pancakes make me physically ill. Like, I throw up. I gag if I think about them too much and they make me angry. And yes, I love waffles. It's only pancakes. I know it's all in my head but I just can't even... uuugh. I hate even thinking about them. I think it stems from a time in my life where we were so broke all we could afford was pancakes for dinner. I just used up my entire allotted amount of pancake tolerance for this lifetime already. Or at least that's my theory.

5. I have a compulsion to "rescue" worms when they're on the sidewalk. I can't walk by a worm on a sidewalk without picking it up and putting it somewhere more suitable, like the grass. And it's not like I know anything about worms other than that they have five to seven hearts (depending on who you ask) and they can regenerate body parts if you cut them up (which I would NEVER DO and you shouldn't do it either. EVER).

A little part of me always wonders if mister worm had spent all day psyching himself up to finally leave home, cross the big sidewalk and move on to bigger and better things, and then took hours and hours to wriggle his way to where I discovered him. Then I just pick him up and put him back where he started. Like, would he be angry at me? I don't know, it's weird. Anyway, I love earthworms.
6. I think I have been having small panic attacks recently. On the bus it's happened a couple times, where I feel like ... uh, it's hard to explain. Like my chest is too small and I have to run away. Yesterday in the bank waiting in line for the ATM I literally had to stare at my shoes and tell myself that 'Yes, I can breathe, stop freaking out.' And it seemed to last for like ten minutes, although now when I think about it, that sounds like hyperbole. I mean, how long could those people have been standing at the bank machine?

I've also had trouble in grocery stores a few times. Once in particular I was with Ryan and as we were walking in to the store I just stopped at the doors saying "NO NO NO I CAN'T GO IN THERE" and literally backed away, haha.
But heck, who hasn't had a panic attack in this day and age, right? Especially you bloggers! It's practically a rite of passage. At least I'm not on any drugs! (Yet?)

So those are six things about me. If you do your own six things, leave me a comment with a link to it. Like I said before, Lists Are Awesome. I'll totally come check it out. 

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