Thursday, February 17, 2011

Star Wars sucks, just kidding

Alright everybody. I have never seen Star Wars (As far as I can remember...I may have seen it when I was really young.). It is such a North American cultural staple though, that I know pretty much the entire plot, who all the characters are, and can quote just as many one-liners as you can, maybe. I've seen parodies like Spaceballs, the Family Guy one, the Robot Chicken one...a million internet and television references...and

I don't get it.

I realize it's not fair of me to judge, seeing as I've never seen the damn things, but I mean...I'm not even inspired to watch them. That's how uninteresting the whole thing is. And I live (part-time) with a man and two kids who were totally obsessed with the movies, the Clone Wars TV show and all the action figures.

I work with somebody so into the movies that he receives the monthly magazine, has an intense collection of memorabilia and wears Star Wars t-shirts all the time.

And still, I don't even want to watch them. I feel like all the hype I've heard combined with the fact that I know basically everything that's going to happen is going to make for a really disappointing and boring ... what? Ten hours?

That being said, I have told Ryan that I will set aside an entire day off to do a marathon viewing of the three older movies. (The new ones just seem ridiculous and I doubt I'll ever find time in my life to watch them. Why do they even exist?)

Anyway, the point is, I saw this shirt on the internet somewhere recently and loved it, just for all the controversy I know it would cause in my life if I wore it.

You can buy it here, along with other Back to the Future stuff. And yes I have seen all the Back to the Future movies and they rule. Please don't hate on me too hard.

Star Wars sucks! 

(Just kidding)

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