Friday, March 4, 2011

I won something. AND I'm giving something away!

Thank you SO MUCH Diana (from Our City Lights) for having a Lomography camera giveaway. And then thank you random dot org for choosing my name out of all the participants. You guys, I entered a giveaway and actually freakin' won it! I never win these things. (I actually found out I won two in the same week, I'll tell you guys about the other one when I get the's in the process of being made right now.)

No matter how much I e-mail harassed her, (sorry!!)Diana never announced the winner officially, but since I got it in the mail yesterday I couldn't wait any longer to tell you guys about it.

I won...

I haven't dared put film in it's a little intimidating and strange, but boy is it neat. I'll try it soon and keep y'all updated.

AAAAND...I'm involved in a pretty sweet giveaway over at Pamplemousse this month. Among a ton of really cool things, you can win three postcards that I made with my own camera, sense of humor, and computer skills, haha. Here's what they look like:

They all feature very horrifying beautiful pictures of spiders that I found in my backyard, and they say "Spiders Are Gross". You should CLICK HERE to see the giveaway and enter it, you wiener!

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