Monday, May 23, 2011

Some more old photos of me and my dredlocks...when I first discovered Manic Panic. *life changing event*

This was my 23rd birthday. I was living at home at the time, working to make money for a train trip across Canada. My mom got me an ice-cream cake that said "novarella" on it. Aww, mom!

I really really like my hair color in these pics. And that shirt. I would LOVE another shirt like that. Anyone have one they can send me? I think it's from American Eagle, like six or seven years ago? Believe me, I've searched everywhere.

LOL at all those candles in the second pic! I look so grungy and sun tanned because I had just finished a long day of working on the infamous Greidanus Honey Bee Farm that I really want to visit again with a good camera...bee stings be damned, it would be amazing! And I am basically tattoo-less here too! Weird! Look at those bare arms!

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