Saturday, June 11, 2011

SNAKES ARE AWESOME and the Vancouver Canucks

"Snakes Are Awesome" is this silly inside joke at Tattoo Zoo. 

I can't remember the reason the news crew was at the tattoo shop earlier this year, but my boss Gerry was talking about flash and said "oh yeah, snakes are awesome" in kind of a funny squeaky voice in the middle of his interview. And a TZ meme was born. Seriously, that shit never got old. So yesterday, when the guys finished painting this flash...

you know, to get into the spirit of city pride...

A-Channel came by again. And we were all he gonna say it again? I said "I DARE YOU" and he said "Okay." And the funniest thing was, at the end of the interview the camera guy asked Cody and Gerry to pretend they were talking about the flash so he could have a visual while there was a voice-over or whatever but they used Cody saying "Snakes are awesome!" too, even though they said they wouldn't. I love it. So it's there twice!

Also? If you watch this video you can see Colin (who's doing my chestpiece) hard at work. I don't think he really wanted to be on TV. I didn't either. I hid on the customer side of the counter until it was over.

I'm not sure who all worked on the flash, definitely Kyle and Gerry and Bryan.

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