Monday, July 18, 2011

Ask and ye shall receive

A few weeks ago I asked for help getting some Twinkies for Ryan's kids (see here if you don't remember what I'm talking about) and Caitlin and Abby stepped up and delivered. Big time. Check out some of the amazing treats I received in the mail the other day from these two lovely ladies, who each took time (and money! and thoughtfulness!) to send us care packages from their necks of the woods. Neck of the woods? Necks? Lawd, grammar eludes me sometimes.

Look at some of the rad (and strange?) stuff they sent here.

I love this note-card. It reminds me of library books.

Ryan called me at work when this arrived and said there was a package that said it had a t-shirt in it. I made him open it while I was on the phone because I couldn't remember ordering a shirt from anywhere online. Well, turns out it was a hilarious surprise. He tried to explain that there was a bear sucking on a cow's teat and I just couldn't even imagine what he was talking about, haha!


That night we told the boys we had a surprise for them and gave them each a package of two twinkies while we were watching the movie Zombieland for the 228393th time. The look on their faces was like the easter bunny showed up carrying santa's sack which was full of leprochaun's pots of gold. They ate the twinkies slowly, saving them for the scenes where 'Tallahassee' talks about twinkies and when he gets to eat one in the end, they held up their final bites and cheers-ed the television.

When it was over, they said things like "This was the only twinkie I will ever get to eat in my life" and generally bemoaned their poor snack-cake-less Canadian existances.

Little do they know we stashed away two entire boxes of twinkies for Christmas. Those things never go bad, right? haha

Thanks again ladies. You really made their day!

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