Tuesday, July 19, 2011

diptych: graffiti and a wager

A little paint sure turns a boring old building into something special. 

Ryan's kids have suddenly gained an interest in wrestling. As in...Hulk Hogan wrestling. Or probably something more current. Anyway they somehow found out that these six wrestling matches were playing at a movie theater and they wanted to go. I declined the invitation but they went on ahead without me.

A few days prior, we all sat down and made bets on who would win each match. And we decided if one of us got all six winners correct, each person would have to do something for them for a week. For example, if I win the kids will do the dishes and tidy the house for a week, and Ryan has to drive me to and from the bus stop for a week. (haha)

If I lose to either one of the kids, I have to give him one sour key every day for a week (hahaha) and if I lose to Ryan I have to give him "two massages over the week, on any part of the body he thinks needs massaging, for as long as it needs to be massaged" He was very thorough with the double entendres.

Here's hoping I win.  

**update** Nobody won. We can all breathe easy for now.

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