Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We took the kids swimming somewhere kind of lame yesterday...but they're super stoked on it because it has one of those floating dock things that you have to swim out to and then you can like, stand on it, and um, you can, you know, sit on it or jump off of it, um...stand on it oh wait I already said that.

Anyway so I thought I'd bring my camera along, because I had never been there before and they were all excited to go and show me this dock thing. And then I took a picture of the dock thing.

And here it is:

I mean, yeah, it's alright. It's um...a floating piece of wood or whatever. So I took a nice photo of it. And when I got home I was going through my photos, like " Picture of the dog sitting on some rocks, picture of the dog standing beside some rocks, picture of the kids pretending the water isn't cold, picture of my feet standing near something quirky, picture of the dog "smiling"...oh yeah, here's that picture of the dock, that turned out okay...wait, what's that pyramid off in the distance? Computer, zoom in!"

And I swear I am not making it up that I didn't notice this until I got home.
And that it's real.

Does that say "BITCH"?

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