Saturday, August 13, 2011

A trip down memory lane. AKA Fun with Google Street View

Mexico finally has Google Street View.  Ready for a quick trip through my 4 months in Xalapa in 2007? Come on, it'll be awesome. For me, anyway.

For some reason I never really took that many photos of the time I was in Xalapa, Mexico. Now that I have the photography bug I can't believe myself! All the missed photo opportunities! And then my camera (and the few pics I did take) got stolen my last week there, at our going back to Canada party in our own house. That's what I get for having my closest 900 Mexican friends over, and all their friends...and their cousins...and the neighbors and all their friends too.

Basically these are better than the photos I actually took while I was there, for the most part. Here we go!
(click for a larger view)

Google street view is so fun, you can zoom all over the place. Well it was fun for me, at least. Haha.

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