Saturday, September 24, 2011

diptych: wooden sunglasses and some prescription drugs

FINALLY the sunglasses I won through Kaylah's blog have arrived! I've been holding my breath for weeks! They're a rad pair of tumbleweed's custom made red and wood glasses. They fit like a dream and make me look pretty darn cool.

And the drugs are for my stupid feet because it turns out they're not broken but I have plantar fascitis, aka inflammation of the plantar fascia, this weird bit of tissue in the bottom of your feet. It takes months, and sometimes years, to heal. And hurts enough for me to have thought I broke bones in my feet.

Lesson I learned the hard way:  TOMS shoes, Vans shoes, Converse, and other flat shoes with no support...they are great. I love them. They look cool and feel comfy. BUT you should never ever wear them for extended periods of walking. Never wear them for sports or dancing. Please, everybody, invest in good shoes or insoles for your "bad" shoes, even if you feel kind of dorky. Because there's nothing cool about having something wrong with you that's most common in 60 year old men and obese people, crying in the back room at work, and crawling from the couch to the bathroom because you can't walk. Take it from old lady Nova, it sucks ass.

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