Friday, September 23, 2011

PSA - a satellite is falling to earth!

So over brunch the other day (because we're fancy), Ryan told me about this satellite that's apparently going to fall down to earth. Things enter the earth's atmosphere all the time, but they just burn up and whatever, it's cool. This thing though? Is not going to burn. It's going to make it to land, and it's going to crash. It's about the size of a school bus!

NASA is unable to predict when and where, exactly you guys, but it's probably today sometime. They'll know where about two hours before it kills us all lands safely in the ocean, hopefully. Click here to read about it.

I love the bit at the end that tells you not to try and sell pieces of it on EBay, because what has our society come to?

But really guys, you shouldn't touch it. You all know what happens when you touch things that fall from outer may turn into a horrible mossy plant man!

(Sorry it's in Spanish, all the English ones had been taken down due to copyright infringement.) This is an act from the 1982 awesome horror/comedy movie The Creepshow, starring Stephen King who touches a meteorite and turns to a plant man and eventually kills himself. Yeesh.

What? It could happen! 

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