Sunday, October 30, 2011

photos: Halloween crow and our pumpkins!

This particular restaurant always has orange lights on around the patio. It just so happened that a few days before Halloween I caught a creepy crow hanging out there. I love when things just come together like that.

And here are our jack'o'lanterns. I decided after seeing Amalie's post  that I wanted to make a scary mouthed spiky teeth guy too. Ryan went for a not-carved-all-the-way-through Cartman, and the kids...did their own thing. One has a unibrow, so there's that.

The process:

The finished product (it was hard to get a good pic of Ryan's):

 And then we found the glow sticks...

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  1. Great catch! The third photo of the crow is really great. We didn't buy a pumpkin this year since we don't really have anywhere to display it, but we have been enjoying pumpkin treats all month long! Happy Halloween!


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