Friday, December 2, 2011

Three days in Sarah's Place, Victoria B.C.

Last week my friend Sarah had a pressing engagement in Toronto to which she needed to attend. (A Prince concert, haha!) She owns a little 'vegan curio boutique' downtown, and while she was away I worked there in her place.

Sarah has quite the fanbase...probably five or six times people walked in over the three days I was there and said "HEY, YOU'RE NOT SARAH". Sorry to disappoint you, folks, it's just stupid old me. I ain't never wrote no cookbooks or no app before. (Said in hick voice.)

This picture is from my first ten minutes of the first day. Not bad.

It's a funny thing, suddenly being thrown into a retail job after not having done it in a long time. Or ever. I've hardly even sold a piece of clothing in my life, actually. One Christmas season I worked in a mall kiosk selling sweaters from South America. And panflutes.

But take a non-vegan un-girly girl and put her into a 'vegan curio boutique' and it makes for some funny scenarios. People would straight up ask me if I was vegan, which I'm not. People would ask where something was made or how to get paint out of their jeans or how a CD is vegan and I'd be all "Uhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm...let me Google that for you."And let me tell you...the red dress in the window gets more attention than Tank does when we go for a walk. And that's saying something.

Anyway, as the store is really small and clean, and I had no real work to do other than sell things, I found myself with enough free time to take all these pictures, and read probably 1000 pages in the A Song of Ice and Fire books.  I'm halfway through the second book now for those who care. 

Oranges and peanut butter sandwiches were eaten as I gazed longingly at these chocolate bars...they're 100% vegan, but they taste like popular American chocolate bars. These, the all-hemp faux fur parkas and the crazy tea selection are my favorite things Sarah sells, I think. I mean, root beer tea? Yum!

This is a real phone. It rang twice while I was there. Once it was Sarah, and the other call I got was a cold call from a promoter for "a Vegas-style circus performance". I felt both awesome and silly talking on this thing. Especially on the circus performance call.

On Saturday there was a 'Fur-Free Downtown Dash', kind of like a scavenger hunt, and Sarah's Place was one of the stops...the participants had to come down, answer a skill-testing question and give me a thank you card! haha! You are welcome.

 Here's a few more shots I took around Sarah's Place. It's a really cute little store.

Sarah's place is on Pandora Ave in Victoria B.C.  Go say hello!

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