Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scary Santa Saturday, part 1 of 4

You are welcome. 

All images via Sketchy Santas. Do check that site out, it's hilarious.


In other news, I am in the midst of a day long back spasm and holy moly do those things hurt! (It's my first time! haha) I remember when I was a teenager my mom had one and I was laughing at the way she was walking to the bathroom all bent over and holding her back weird. Then she started laughing and fell down and hurt herself worse...all in a very comical way. Anyway if somebody dares laugh at the way I'm walking I will kill them...just as soon as I can lift my arms without sobbing and swearing. 

Just now I got stuck on the couch. I could not move. And there was a table sitting in front of me with my breakfast, coffee and ibuprofin and I could not get to it. Terrible. 

I've got about an hour before I have to leave for work and am doing the "Should I go or not?" dance in my head. I'm thinking yes, but buy some crazy fun drugs on the way. Like crack robaxacet.

*no I actually do not think crack is a "crazy fun drug", it was a joke.

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