Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

I love that so many people have asked to see more of my face on this blog. It's very flattering and I can understand it. Sometimes all you have to go by is the little Google profile picture someone took of themself from their skinniest angle five years ago. Sometimes I'm shocked when a blogger suddenly posts a picture of themself after I've been reading their stuff for a year. Most of the time they look NOTHING like their profile picture and it kind of makes me want to unfollow them because I feel like I've been mislead. Same with people who use uncredited photos, I feel so angry when I find out they're not the incredible and interesting photographers I was lead to believe. Instant unfollow.

Another thing I wanted to quickly mention was the little survey I posted a few days ago. Thank you so much to everybody who responded, I think I have like forty-ish of them to sort through. I'm going to keep it open for another week or so, so please feel free to go fill it out if you haven't already. Come on, I know you like talking about yourself as much as I do!

The people who volunteered to do a guest post, I will be in contact soon, that's very exciting. I asked you  to write some ideas in the survey, and a few people have messaged me since saying they'd like to do guest posts but didn't know what to say. If that's the case please let me know, I can tell you what to write about, no problemo.

As for the TILT question, most people, maybe 95 percent, like the Things I Love Thursday posts as they are, a few said "do whatever you want" and there were only a couple people who thought they were overwhelming. Obviously it is my blog and I was never going to stop doing these, but I did want to know what you guys thought. I'm glad you agree with me for the most part! :)

Anyway, bla bla bla, on with the show. Things I Love Thursdays are here to stay.


I love...

Interview with a one year old. (video)

Camera holding suspenders.

Chocomole? Count me in!!

 This post is hilarious. I have a few 'weed cats' of my own.

Chantilly and Elycia team up to answer blog questions. (video)

I can't even handle all these photos at once, they're all too amazing.

Violin soloist totally owns a  cell phone ringtone mid-concert. (video)

25 things I learned from opening a book store

Poor little guy. He can't help the way his arms are!

See more here.

How to fire a bad friend.

This is why you need to be careful what you put online. (Thanks Suzy)

Hippies of Haight St., San Francisco 1967.

Celebrity sleepovers. (video)

My friends are all married with kids. Will they abandon me? 

Ashley is having bloggers link back to their favorite posts of the month. Cool idea!

This article on 'The Marilyn Meme'.

Kristin Bell meets a sloth and totally cries about it. She's awesome. And if you liked that, check out Kristin Bell's Body Of Lies. hahahaha (videos)

Portraits of ladies in cardboard fashions

BENSPOTTING. Congratulations Ben! haha

This video. SERIOUSLY number seven. NUMBER SEVEN. I hate when people say that one.


Quotation marks and punctuation: in or out? So helpful.

I do not love this - transgender people can't fly out of Canadian airlines unless they're basically 'in disguise' because their appearance must match the gender listed on their ID. There has to be a way around this, Canada!

My friend Colin gave me an AMAZING painting he painted. 

How to make your photos more dreamlike.

This art installment is very cool! 

On bisexuality, polyamory and "having to choose".

Famous paintings improved by cats. 

David Lynch on creativity. 

This girl who can say any word backwards in under three seconds. (video)

These photos of famous actors who were given scenarios to emote. (Thanks again Suzy)

I have the coolest friends. This is Kyle Carter, he works with me at Tattoo Zoo. He decided to try tattooing a traditional tattoo by hand on his friend! Here's a video, it turned out really well, you can't even tell it's a stick and poke.  Do not try this at home, he's a professional and this was done at a real (clean) tattoo shop.

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