Wednesday, April 25, 2012

let's play a game

Suzy came up with this fun thing and then I did it.

1) post your first ever facebook profile picture.
2) pick one photo {only one} from each consecutive year up to the present one. 
3) explain.
Here's my first ever profile picture. It was also my profile picture on MySpace at the time just to give you some context. I started my FB account in 2007. 
I think this picture was taken in like 2005-ish. I still lived in Calgary Alberta and was on a road trip to ... here, Vancouver island. This was supposed to be a picture of me with some beach in the background but then that guy just happened to walk into the shot and it looks pretty cool, right? 

2007  - This is me at the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. (It's an amazing ruinous city near Mexico City.) I went there with a group of friends from my school in Xalapa one weekend, it was so hot out! We climbed to the top together and took busses and the metro back to our hostel. It was one of a hundred really great adventures I had while I was in Mexico.


2008 - For some reason we were yelling "SOCIAL" and then drinking. All night long. This was taken at on of my favorite friends' wedding. I was in the bridal party, and she was the awesomest bride ever. We all wore chuck taylors and drank pilsner beers. Her cousin came out to a lot of people that night I think, and we re-enacted a photo that was taken years before of me with a bunch of cowboys. It's hard to explain but that photo became quite the 'thing' over the years because I had purple dreadlocks and they were wearing tshirts with sleeves cut off and cowboy hats.


2009 - This picture is kind of hard to explain. My mom turned 50 in 2009, and we all flew in to surprise her and have an awesome birthday party for her. Everybody could make it except my one brother, who was in England at the time. As a joke and because we missed him so much, my sister and I found a totally dorky photo of him from high school and had it blown up to life-size, and then we took pictures of him doing all sorts of things throughout the night. 

The oven started on fire a few hours before this picture was taken, and Ryan, the amazing hero action man he is put it out. Have you ever seen what a room looks like after you use a fire extinguisher? There was white powder EVERYWHERE. And just as we all came back inside to survey the mess, a bagpiper my step-dad had hired to play for my mom walked into the backyard and started to play. We all burst out laughing and went outside to enjoy the show, and left the mess for later.


2010 - Cuba! Need I say more? Okay, I will. My sister took this rare photo of me relaxing beside a pool. That is very atypical Nova behaviour but I really did enjoy it.


2011 - This picture always makes me laugh, it's me as a grub! Ryan took this of me when we were at the zoo in Seattle just over a year ago. We went because his son wanted to see a concert and we planned a weekend around it. You can take a ferry from downtown Victoria to downtown Seattle in just a few hours. It was a quick trip but really fun.


2012 - So far getting my knees tattooed might be the thing I'm most proud of  this year. I was super scared to do it, and I really do think doing stuff that scares you, or putting yourself outside your comfort zone is important in growing as a person.

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  1. Haha Nova I love the story about the life size picture of your brother


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