Friday, February 26, 2010

STAR WARS and other projects

(star wars cookbook Ryan found at the library)

I have not seen Star Wars.

And I'm finally at the point in my life where enough is enough and I should really just watch it. From the Family Guy movies to Spaceballs to ... um ... every single pop-culture medium ever ... I'm pretty sure I have seen enough references to the movie to know the plot.

I think I might watch them someday and kind of write out my reactions, because the movie isn't a surprise to anybody in the world except for me these days and it might be funny to read.

Right now that seems a little ambitious but that's what summer time is for. In fact, I'm planning a project for once school is over so my brain doesn't whither away: there's a teeny little video rental place near(ish) my house and they have a section of Foreign Films and Documentaries. I was looking at them and thought how cool it would be to watch them all. So I think I might. And kind of do a review for each one.

Fun, no?

I also had this idea that I should watch every 'cult classic', and every movie that everybody but me has seen and write about them as well.
For example, Teen Wolf. I just saw that movie like three weeks ago for the first time. I could revisit Porkys and Revenge of the Nerds and look at them from a 21st century perspective.


We'll see how the summer goes. I might be much too busy enjoying myself and not having midterms all the time.

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