Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My boyfriend rules.

He surprised me with tickets to go see Die Antwoord and um, also he's cute and stuff. Anyway so I'm totally stoked to see NINJA:


and DJ HI-TEK do some of this. (Who raps in Pink Floyd boxers? ... or in a Taxi? Haha) I mean...how can you not love these people, man?

Anyway, the point of this entry is that Ryan went to get his hair cut up at The Lab yesterday, and happened to mention that we're going to the show in a few weeks. Well, the stylist happened to also be a fan of them and asked Ryan if he could do something a little special with his haircut. Ryan said sure, whatever.

25 minutes later, he was still cutting the back.

35 minutes...

45 effing minutes. "I'm really getting into this, man." He told Ryan.

Ryan was like WHAT THE F***?

Finally the guy was done. He held the mirror up in front of Ryan so he could see the back of his head.


"I cut South Africa into your hair."

HAHAHA it's so awesome.


  1. very. cool. you will be the talk of the town!

  2. I'm pretty sure these people are like, 100% cooler than me.

  3. Yeah me too. Especially Ryan.

  4. THanks, you just made my day!!
    PS: Those Pink Floyd boxers are obscene. It would have been less obscene if he'd just been naked.


Digame entonces.

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