Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween is over but I love these photos from Galey Farms and you have to look at them now because I said so.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. 
Yes, that includes Christmas. 
There's something about candy combined with creepy Halloween decorations, haunted houses, corn mazes and ... other weird crap ... my favorite thing on earth is the juxtaposition between cute and creepy. (That must also be why I like artists like Mark Ryden so much as well!)

That's also what makes me love Galey Farms more and more every year. 
It's totally silly, it's crazy, it's so much fun!

Basically it's the can't-miss place to be in October. I have no idea what they do the rest of the year but I know you can go there and get a pumpkin or whatever in the daytime. Isn't it cheerful?

Images from here here here and here.

But you really want to go at night. Trust me. They have a pretty huge corn maze you can walk through, they have kids train rides, and they have haunted houses; one for kids (which is actually kind of scary) and an adult one (called carnEVIL, lol!) that costs an extra ten bucks to get into. 

I went into carnEVIL one year with Ryan and a friend of ours to surprise her for her birthday and ... yeah it was actually kind of terrifying. We actually ran through, pushing Ryan ahead of us and screaming.It's very well done.

They also have little dioramas set up of creepy scenarios all around the farm. Some of them you have to take the train to see, some of them you will find by exploring the corn maze.

 on October 30th. 

 (excuse the blurry ones, I refused to use flash the entire night)

1. Random shots 

2. View from the very middle of the corn maze. 

As you can see, there is a gigantic sphinx. Here it is up close.

And inside it...MUMMIES!

2. The 'graveyard' can be found by walking to the very end of the corn maze. It features a whole lot of wailing and things jumping (very comically) out of the ground and a wishing well. Also? Weird shadowy figures in the distance. 

3. The train ride. You buy your ticket and line up for sometimes up to half an hour. There's nothing particularly scary on the ride, but it is rather creepy. The train tracks run around the whole place. There's trees decorated with Christmas lights, the pitch black pumpkin patch, a man in a monkey suit that jumps onto the side of the train and grabs children, an entire old-West town, and...well... and more. Here's some of the stuff we saw from the train.

4. My personal favorite, the 'dioramas'. You walk through a sort of 'town' constructed out of old sheds, and in each one there's a little scene going on. For example, the butcher shop, a restaurant, the blood bank, and more! It's so funny and there's so much to look at. I love this place! 
This is also where the kids haunted house is. 

So great, right? It's just the perfect balance between silly and scary.

If none of those pictures creeped you out, then check this out!


  1. Jeremiah makes fun of me because he doesn't see the point in looking at other people's photos (i.e. people you don't actually know) but I love it. I loved your photos thanks for sharing Missy Poo.

  2. Yeah well I don't see the point of trading cards with little pictures and statistics of hockey players and talking about who's the better goalie for seven hundred hours like the rest of the people in this house...photos are all I have Jeremiah!

    I love looking at certain peoples photos and hate most other ones/find them boring. It's weird, I guess people just have a certain style that you can be attracted to? I don't know.


Digame entonces.

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