Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who ya gonna call?

In a series of uninteresting events, Ryan and I ended up sleeping on mattresses in the middle of the living room last night. I woke up disoriented and scared because I heard a noise, and looked towards the fireplace. Where there was a ghost.

Okay well, I actually think my top and bottom eyelashes were kinda glued together with gunk and what I saw was just the streetlight shining into the living room window and reflecting weirdly off my eye gunk, thus forming some kind of irridescent orb-y thing that looked vaguely human. Also? I was probably still half dreaming.

Anyway the point of the story is this: I kicked it and it disappeared.

My first instinct wasn't to rub my eyes, scream, wake Ryan up or run. It was to kick the ghost. And it totally worked. So I hope that phantom learned its lesson and never sneaks up on me again.


  1. What a badass move. Taking care of business.

  2. madam A-It sure didn't feel silly at the time! I was fricking terrified in that not-quite-awake way.

  3. ff- hah! Yup. I was all Will Smith up in there. "AW HELL NO" *kick*

  4. I wear glasses, and sometimes on the corner of the glasses, i get a smear. for a moment, i think it's a ghost. haha!

  5. Yeah! It happens to the best of us.

  6. HA! You are a brave ghost fighter. I would have just hid under the covers until I nearly suffocated.


Digame entonces.

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