Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seriously, who names candy "chicken bones"?

Due to a funny chain of events, Ryan and I 
ended up at WalMart yesterday. 
Let's just say that nobody sells Dickies except 
WalMart. Trust me, we looked.  

What's a dickie you ask? It's like...a faux turtleneck. 

I can't tell you whether or not we found one, 
it's a surprise for a later date.

You know what other image came up 
when I searched "Dickie"? 



Anyway, they sure do sell a lot of ... interesting stuff at Walmart. 
I'll show you a few of the things I deemed worthy of a photograph. 

Exhibit A: target practice cubes for children 
in the toy section!

Exhibit B: Opened decapitated chocolate Woodys.

Exhibit C: Uhm...chicken bones. (?)
As we were laughing at this, some lady came
over and told us these were her favorite candies. 

Dickie image 1 from here.
Dickie image 2 from here.


  1. Hmmm...wonder if the "chicken bones" are vegan???

  2. Oh... YUCK!!! And yet... I really want some... just to try...

  3. Ha! I'm like ten percent curious and ninety percent disgusted. WHO NAMED THEM? WHYYYYY?

  4. What?? Crows and squirrels on targets?? Why would you encourage that? Good God. My bleeding heart just exploded.

  5. Ha, THIS is where you are now. How come I didn't know that? Jesus I'm slow.

    Also? Decapitated chocolate woodies made me laugh. It's also a good name for a hardcore band. Well maybe not GOOD... But I'd totally listen to them. :)

  6. Steamy...I was shocked, appalled, horrified and then astonished, then awestruck and finally I landed on "hey I should share this with the world"

    Veggie- Geez, it's been like a year. hahaha

  7. Oh yeah, and I'd like to think that the phrase "chocolate woodies" would make more people laugh than just myself. Mission accomplished.

  8. hahahaha! this post is AMAZING!


Digame entonces.

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