Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in photography

You don't realize how much you've learned until you look at what you were doing a year ago. For example, overprocessing photos in picnic and photoshoppy type programs is stupid, and GEEZ just format your photos so they're all the same damn width. I can't believe I wasn't doing these things only a year ago. Sorry readers. So very sorry.

Anyway here are a few pictures and film photography posts from 2011. I sure got a lot of tattoos!


I showed off my film photos from Cuba, shared some of my first fisheye photos I ever took here and used my grandma's old Canon AE-1 around downtown Victoria.


I used the Canon AE-1 in a bathroom and at the park. I used my weird little blue plastic camera at the Seattle Zoo, City Hostel. 


I shared some more of my first fisheye photos here and here.


I shared some fisheye photos here, here, here and here and I took this weird self portrait at the bus stop.

I shared some fisheye photos here, here and here.




 I used my lomo actionsampler camera at a Slayer and Rob Zombie concert, and then on Tank and a broom, I was in a photoswap (and here are the pictures I took for it), and I tried a lomo 360 spinner camera.


I stopped doing film photography at this point because I had to take so much time off work due to busted feet that I had to cut out all fun expenses like ... developing film. :(

It'll be back soon guys, I promise!




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